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Failure: Part 1


Hey-o ~

Before I go on with part one of a three part deep post series, I need to do some housekeeping.

If you haven’t already read it, the BOOTY Awards finalists were announced on Saturday.  Sorry for the delay.

And you can now vote for the finalists.

I also updated the prizes section of the main page on the BOOTY Awards, with the new way to earn prizes.  Mind you, it was quite hard to find a way to reward the people who voted.


Sensational prizes were given away to Phi, winner of the first contest, including being listed as the major sponsor of the BOOTY Awards and getting a header.

But by voting, you too can score prizes.

After you vote in the polls, the results are hidden.  However, in one poll, the results are not hidden, so you can see the current results.

When you find that poll, head over to the Win! page which is password protected.  In the password field, enter the first word of the name of the category, all in lower case with no spaces or punctuation. For example, if the category with the results displayed is “Colour of the Year”, then the password would be colour — just like that.

When you’re on that page, leave a comment and you’ll go in the running to receive:

~ one month of headers*

~ being listed as Tinted Lens’ partner on our sidebar until Christmas#

*one month of headers is limited to four headers and valid for 31 days, starting from the day you first order a header.  Please do not order over the Christmas break [December 21st – January 2nd] as I won’t be able to attend to your request.

#if you have a blog

I know there were some people who commented about the protected “Win!” page and the poll with the results displayed.  Now you know why.

If you’ve already voted and didn’t take note of this, I’m not too sure how I can help you, to be honest…without giving it away for those who haven’t voted, hence making them not vote.

I’ve also noticed that, despite the bold test saying “Nominations for reviews are closed until further notice” some people still submit their blog for review, even acknowledging the fact it is closed (I know it’s closed but…)

Closed means closed.

Now that that’s done, it’s time for the deep post.


Part 1: Your Failure

Part 2: Dealing with Failure

Part 3: Dealing with Other People’s Failure

Part 1: Your Failure

I had my own encounter with what I thought was “failure” just a week or two ago.

Making a stupid mistake on my maths exam that ultimately cost me 2%.

Sure, it dropped me down to 98%, which is still a great mark, but by my standards in maths this year, it’s terrible.

Failure comes in all shapes and sizes and always brings us down in life, no matter who we are.

It could be failing an exam, failing an assignment, failing a test, or something more complex such as failing to be a caring friend, failing to display compassion or failing to meet a promise.

One of the worst feelings I have experienced is that of failure.

I’ve “failed” in many things, as I have said before.

Almost every time, I let the failure eat away at me, bringing me into a state of negativity.

“I’m terrible!”

“I’m not good enough…”

“I suck at this.”

“I’m a failure…”

By allowing failure to control you, you are creating disastrous effects just like letting fear control you.

Your state of mind turns into a negative one, looking on the bad side of things constantly.

You lack self confidence and enthusiasm.

You become scared to do the thing again.

You give up and you don’t persevere.

You succumb to the failure.

Instead of letting fear conquer you, you should conquer fear.

To be continued


Next post I’ll either do a review of a blog, continue this deep post or throw some polls to improve the site at you.



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

14 thoughts on “Failure: Part 1

  1. it’s just freakin %2. relax

  2. @Dunya; overreacting to failure is going to be part of the second instalment of the series ~

  3. *cough*. I wish I got 98% in maths. Then again, I understand what you mean. Still…whew, 98%.

  4. But in my family, well at least my mum cannot stand me getting a 98. “What happened to the other 2%???” she’ll say.

  5. Awww, poor thing. I get what you mean, when they’re all like ‘why aren’t you doing better’ and you’re top of the class. Argh, it can be frustrating.
    I’m sure she doesn’t mean to be harsh, but maybe she wants to push you to do better?

  6. i know its like 2% haha its not failure your still passing with flying colors

  7. chillax brotha :p

    We all have insecurities at our age. We’ll get over it.

  8. O!
    “I’ve also noticed that, despite the bold test saying “Nominations for reviews are closed until further notice” some people still submit their blog for review, even acknowledging the fact it is closed (I know it’s closed but…)”

    Emmm, i was just joking, if you didnt catch that.

    And you can always have people submit blogs, just place em in a waiting list so that you don’t have to deal with them at the moment.

    Just a little help with understandings, 😉

  9. 98%, wow, that’s really good. I only got a 95% this year, and the 5% I lost were silly mistakes.

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  11. guess what i have. i have 6 classes and i have B,B,A,A,A,A So I have mostly A’s (in the 92-97 region) and 2 B’s that are practically C’s. ANd thats STILL GOOD cuz im not failing 🙂

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  13. Hello Josh! Your popular blog came up after I wrote a post about failure. Feel free to enjoy my perspective if you have the time. I believe as long as we keep living we cannot fail. Cheers to you and your many readers!

  14. Thanks for reading xian! I’ll be coming back to your blog for sure 😀

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